We detect, accompany and link
to talent through experiences and opportunities between individuals.
We share a passion for innovation, science and applied technology in any sector.
We multiply the experience of each ally with disruptive approach projects
We create a solid ecosystem that drives change with effective linkage 365 days a year.
We change the world with Talent

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Our experience has been incredible, because in the years that we have been collaborating we have shared content, which has helped the audience to connect a lot with our brand.

Beatriz Perdomo

Marketing manager, LATAM ADOBE

Collaborating with Talent has been the most pleasant thing we have as a company because we have achieved the goals of connecting, sharing and co-creating the solutions of tomorrow.
Alberto Ibarrarán

Director of Innovation Mexico, BOSCH

Engaging with this type of initiative allows us to bet on Mexican talent, young talent and their creativity, to find answers and promote their creative proposals.
Jorge Sánchez

Director of Innovation Mexico and Analytics, Grupo Modelo